Castle tours in Austria

We selected some wonderful castles being worth a visit near Bük for time travelers and active hikers. The visit of any one of the listed castles may even be a whole weekend’s program! The untouched nature, the stunning views, as well as the ruins invite history lovers to a unique and enchanting tour. In the following lines we try to help in discovering these exciting sights.

Lockenhaus Castle

It is only half an hour’s drive to the magnificent Lockenhaus cavalry castle that was built in the early 1200s and was one of the most important castles guarding the western border of Hungary before 1526. Visitors are immediately captivated by the romantic environment of this castle towering on a cliff over the valley surrounded by the Gyöngyös stream. There is no shortage of nature’s beauty here, one can admire the stunning view and the colorful splendor of the castle ruins for hours. Complex medieval experiences await visitors through a variety of exhibitions and events.

A scary but also exciting interactive exhibition for children is the “bat exhibition.” In the courtyard, a nice grassy area offers a place for a bit of recharge.

Léka Vára


Exhibition, restaurant, café and playground await visitors.

Forchtenstein Castle

Franko vára


The castle that is in near-perfect condition is a symbol of Burgenland.

The Forchtenstein Castle, one of Burgenland’s most famous landmarks, situated on the range of the Rosalia Mountains, is around an hour’s drive from Bük. The sight of the grim-looking castle built on dolomite cliffs in the 1300s is breathtaking, almost literally: the picture of an imposing, impenetrable, proud fortress emerges in the eyes of the visitors.

The exhibitions in the castle are unique in Europe, and the spectacular collections and programs allow for an exciting day’s experience.

The “ancient gallery,” the armory and the treasury are all interesting exhibitions for visitors.

Güssing Castle

Again on the other side of the border, another enchanting experience awaits in Güssing that is just over an hour’s drive.

No enemy could ever besiege the probably oldest castle of the region, and numerous legends surround its invincibility. The fortress—that was also the home of the Batthyány family—stands on top of a volcanic mountain, and has been a popular tourist destination for many years.

Its highest point offers a fantastic view all the way to the distant Hungarian territories. The open-air stage in the courtyard is a worthy venue for high-quality performances, and the rich historical exhibitions also create a magnificent atmosphere.

Güssing vára


The old residence of the Batthyány family, the largest castle of the comitatus Vas.

Landsee castle ruin

Lánzsér vára


The westernmost Hungarian castle that was never besieged.

The westernmost fortress of historic Hungary is only a 50-minute drive from Bük.

According to research, it was probably one of the largest castles of Hungary in its intact form, and it is still outstanding even as a ruin. The fortress—located in a beautiful forest—was never of military or defensive importance and was never besieged by armies in its hundred years of history.

The surrounding undisturbed nature park and the unrivalled view from the castle’s keep make the 12th century fortress one of the most visited tourist destinations in the region.

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