Bükfürdő’s timeline

Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa

“The physician treats, but nature heals”—this old Latin aphorism may contain all the essential information that makes a visit to one of Hungary’s largest and most beautiful spas worthwhile.

The services of the “four-season” complex are closely intertwined—and they are in perfect harmony. It may not be an exaggeration to say that the spa of Bük with its 14-hectare area offers great experiences and recreational opportunities for almost every generation.

“If we have to choose what we are proud of the most, the medicinal water and the beach area are two obvious ones. The healing water of the St. Clement spring has an exceptionally high dissolved mineral content, which is a rarity both in Hungary and throughout Europe. Thanks to its beneficial effects it has a positive influence both in terms of prevention and in the treatment of diseases and in rehabilitation processes, and its most unique feature may be that, due to its high alkaline content, it also has a healing effect as a drinking water in the treatment of digestive diseases.

There are several indoor and outdoor pools where one can enjoy the beneficial effects of the medicinal water, but it is worth mentioning at this point that Bükfürdő is no longer “just a spa.” The beach area in a wooded, beautifully landscaped setting is another attraction that the locals are proud of, and there are several different bathing and sport pools, slides and special water attractions awaiting those looking for the best experiences. There is even a solution if the weather does not cooperate: in colder or rainy periods, the covered spa offers protection. In perfect harmony with the fizzling of the different pools, there are also relaxation zones for the guests’ comfort.”

Striving to maintain good health is not limited to bathing in the healing waters: the spa’s offer is full of several unique services as well. In addition to a wide range of “usual” massages serving healing and relaxing, there are also exotic treatments for rejuvenation and refreshment. One of the most popular services of the renewed inner part is the huge sauna world that has already given several world championships participant sauna masters to the world. The park with ten different outdoor and indoor cabins provides place for extraordinary sauna sessions. Sauna infusions have beneficial effects on health, pampering the body and the soul alike.

It is quite clear from the previous lines that Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa that grew from a former ditch batch has become a nationally renowned holiday resort with its services of European standard, huge green area and more than 5,000 sqm water surface. The slogan so fine-sounding decades ago is still true today:

“A million visitors a year cannot be wrong!”

The complex with a 60-year history is located in a 14-hectare parkland with old trees and, with its 34 pools or more than 5,800 sqm water surface, it guarantees ultimate relaxation and refreshment full of experiences. The “four-season” Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa provides the perfect solution for all generations: there are pools filled with medicinal water, recreational elements, slides complex or the exclusive sauna world—just to name a few. Exercise enthusiasts will not be disappointed either: beach volleyball, beach football and several animations await them. For the little ones, there are children’s activities and a playhouse, while the parents and grandparents can take a siesta in the relaxation rooms.

The Medical Wellness Center awaits with special treatments for maintaining and improving visitors’ health, the preventive and rehabilitative effects of which are unquestionable.

History of Bükfürdő

When medicinal water gushed to the surface instead of petroleum just outside the settlement in 1957, nobody would have imagined what a treasure locals had found and what changes this alkaline hydrogen carbonate miracle would bring to the life of Bük. The following more than 60 years, however, gave answers to all the unasked questions successfully, because Hungary’s second biggest spa complex “was born” as the result of this sheer chance. After years of hard work, systemic planning and operation and a new name, Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa has become one of Hungary’s spas offering a wide range of water-related experiences.

We provide shuttle service between Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa and Park Hotel with our small retro car. More information is available at the reception.

For more information on current ticket prices and opening hours, please visit the spa’s website: https://www.bukfurdo.hu/