Park Hotel ****

…we opened in August 2022. Our brand new rooms provide maximal comfort!


…choose the highest level of comfort. Our 4-star accomodation is a perfect choice for exhausted travellers, holiday-makers and bussiness travels as well.

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…opportunity for a full range of relaxation such as: sauna, jacuzzi, tennis, teqball, table tennis, basketball, cookouts, e-roller- and bike service and electric car charging.

Hordó Restaurant

…Our marvelous restaurant is worthy of the comfort of our rooms. Our neighbour, the Hordó Restaurant is a perfect place for something to eat or drink!

“Having someone in your home as a guest means ensuring happiness and comfort to them during their stay.”

On behalf of all residents of our town: Welcome to Park Hotel!

As a resident of Bük, I truly wish you an enjoyable stay with us, also I hope you will spread the word of our famous hospitality, and take a part of the kindness and goodwill of our townspeople with you.

Tóth Attila proprietor

Vas county – magic awaits

Bük and its region are truly magical – waiting just for you. Discover it!

One of the most beautiful spas in Hungary

Health. Recreation. Entertainment. Visit Bükfürdő!


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