Whoever enters here – you can also get rid off your clothes and all your problems.

Plenty of theories were produced about the accomplishments of the legendary Finnish „wonder runner”, Paavo Nurmi, who won nine gold and three silver medals in three Olympics. Contemporary research clearly sheds light on the background country, and within it a wonderful Finnish custom that was unknown to almost the whole world at the time.

In the 1940s, when a Hungarian team came home from Finland and its members reported on their experiences there, almost every story ended with: „We could achieve better results if we would also have a sauna, as it could help us to improve, among others, our endurance.

The Hungarian sauna culture began with this sentence, since in 1943 the Indoor Sports Hall announced a sensational development: the first Hungarian sauna for athletes was constructed. At that time sauna was unique and it was only available few people. Nowadays, it constitutes an integral part of a better public bath. In parallel with the development of sauna in Hungary, more and more multifunctional complexes were built to satisfy all needs.

Paavo Nurmi

Of course, Bükfürdő also played an epoch-making role in this segment of health tourism in Hungary. In the 90s the sauna island was already an integral part of the recreation park, but its pioneering role started with the handover of the 2011 Sauna World. A complex for 150 people has been set up for the lovers of sweating, along with a tepidarium, steam baths, infrared and Finnish saunas, an aroma sauna and an outdoor „devil’s sauna”.

The textile-free zone has already hosted many national sauna competitions, where trained masters were able to present the best sauna experience during their infusions. During the “sessions”, the sauna master is in the cabin with the guests and gradually heats the air with aromatic pourings onto the stove, thus guaranteeing the acclimatization of the guests. A personalized ventilation is provided by stirring hot air around guests using various devices. This program lasts for 12-15 minutes. In direct contact with the hot air the body temperature gradually rises, and to ensure the body’s heat balance, the skin begins to sweat; about a half liter of water is lost one session. During the ventilations we can really relax, forget about everyday worries, relax and talk to the participants. Moreover, it also makes our immune system stronger and our skin more beautiful.


It is still very difficult to accept that sauna a’ la nature is the best, but we definitely recommend to follow the original traditions of our northern language relatives and throw away the textiles that cover our bodies!

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