The miraculous healing water

The bathing culture dates back to thousands of years. Hot water public pools were also built in ancient Greece, nevertheless the bathing culture is clearly the merit of the Roman Empire and its establishment in Hungary is clearly linked the empire. Several years have passed, but the influence of the Roman Empire is still observable. In the past, the qualifications of thermal baths and spas were distributed countlessly in Hungary, however, as years passed by, the award of these certifications was subject to serious set of conditions. There are many places where you can find out about the health benefits of a water, but what is so special about medicinal water, and what are its benefits with regards to healing?

In several places in Hungary there were several thermal and medicinal waters discovered in deep wells. The condition of thermal water exploration is the favorable geothermal gradient, but in addition to the geothermal effect, the formation of medicinal waters requires the complex combined effect of geological and hydrogeological conditions. The value of the geothermal gradient in Hungary is almost one and a half times the world’s average. The reason for this is that in the Pannonian Basin, which also includes Hungary, the earth’s crust is about 10,000 meters thinner than in the neighboring areas. As a result, the hot magma is closer to the surface, warming the waters deeper in the earth better. In Bük, this lucky collaboration revealed itself in the form of a huge water eruption in 1957.

In the wake of the short-lived trench baths of the summer of 1961, news about the wonderful healings caused by the water of Bük, spread from mouth to mouth, house to house, village to village, and various hymns of praise appeared in daily and weekly newspapers. The name and geographical location of the village of Bük were so unknown to many that they often – incorrectly – spelled the name with two “k” letters and searched for the settlement around the Bükk Mountains. On the news of the healing effect of the Bük thermal spring, studies were carried out, which found out that the healing effect of the water ,from the newly discovered spring, was faster than expected.

And what is this medicinal water good for?

As a spa treatment

recommended for patients with rheumatic diseases for the treatment of arthritis and myositis in the semi-acute and chronic stages of the disease. It is also suitable for the post-treatment of joint wear, wear and calcification of intervertebral discs, and in the case of disc herniation, but also for the post-treatment of accidental injuries, post-fracture and nerve injuries, and osteoporosis. It has a beneficial effect on inflamed varicose veins and even after thrombosis, and even provides a solution against chronic gynecological diseases.


Drinking cure

In the case of regular, cure-like consumption, Bük medicinal water is effective in the treatment of gastric acid overload, gastritis, intestinal and gallbladder ulcers, gastric and small intestinal ulcers.

It is an alkaline bicarbonate medicinal water with one of the highest dissolved mineral content in the country, which also has a significant content of free carbonic acid and fluoride. Its high carbon dioxide content explains that it lowers high blood pressure and raises it low. So it has a stimulating effect on blood pressure and older patients, even those with mild heart disease, can use the bath under medical supervision. The free carbon dioxide dissolved in the water stimulates the functioning of the skin vessels and thus also helps the other components to be absorbed through the skin.

We could not conclude the praise of miraculous water more authentically as citing the words of the famous writer, Sándor Márai:

Whenever you can – but never by stealing time from your work and acting in a hurry with a bad conscience! – go to one of the hot public baths two to three times a week. Bathing is a very old human habit, training and refreshing not only the body but also the soul. Bathe slowly, according to the laws of your body, thoughtfully and emphatically. The healing waters penetrate your body and enliven your soul, soothe your nerves tormented by work and the world. Spas are a kind of wet monasteries where you can freely give your body and soul to sober and just relaxation.

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