Cultural wellness

Spa baths and treatments pamper the body and the soul, but we should not forget about spiritual pampering either: let’s take a tour in the cultural oasis of the town of Bük as well!

This form of entertainment may be best represented in the two neighbouring cities, Sopron and Szombathely, with museums and exhibitions, as well as theaters and cinemas.

Let’s take a look at the offerings of Szombathely, the county seat of Vas, one of the highlights of which is the Weöres Sándor Theater named after Sándor Weöres who was born here. Opened in 2011 under the direction of Tamás Jordán, the institute’s company together with several renowned guest actors provides unforgettable experiences to the audiences. Even classical music enthusiasts may find something for themselves in Szombathely, since the city with its 2,000 history is the center of Bartók’s cult in Hungary. The local symphony orchestra along with many guest artists performs in the halls of the synagogue or on the open-air stage of the Iseum.

Of all the opportunities offered by Vas, the Kőszeg Castle Theater opened in 1982 is another highlight, the plays of which attract guests from far and wide wishing to immerse in the authentic environment within the ancient walls.

Another cultic place is the Cave Theater in Fertőrákos—located only half an hour from Bük—that is a venue to a number of popular musicals, operetta and also popular music concerts. The performances are often sold-out, with tickets selling out months before premieres.

There is no shortage in entertainment opportunities in Sopron either: the Petőfi Sándor Theater in the center of the city of loyalty is perhaps one of the most significant “cultural altars” of the whole region, with a lot of premieres having taken place in this Art Nouveau style building.

The theater building—renovated in 1992 and restored to its former glory—is a popular venue for stand-up comedians, countless full-house comedy nights have already taken place here.

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