Golf course

The residents of Bük have always been renowned for their innovative spirit, and one of the most notable examples for this may be Hungary’s first certified, 18-hole golf course that took the former cornfield’s place in 1991. Looking into the newspapers of the time, the question “What do we know about golf?” is a frequent sighting, and the answer is simply: “Nothing.”
We are not saying that Bük is the birthplace of Hungarian golf culture, but one thing is certain: when hearing the word “golf,” many think of Tiger Woods at first, and of Bükfürdő secondly.
The stunning lakes, hills and green turf of this “birds’ world” covering around 100 hectares are famous far and wide, and it is only a four-minute drive to get here from Park Hotel. The area that is home to 100 different bird species is a favorite spot not only of ornithologists and professional golfers, but even beginners often visit the course now called Greenfield Golf.


The more adventurous can learn about the sport’s history, its Hungarian traditions, as well as learn the rules and the correct techniques.

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