Small towns in Austria

Őrvidék, once part of Hungary, today Burgenland, the easternmost state of Austria, is famous for its stunning castles and beautiful small towns, all within easy reach: most of them are only a few-minute drive away from the Austrian—Hungarian border. The area is exceptionally rich in cultural treasures, so it is no wonder that most of those visiting Bük also visit the other side of the border. Below you will find our list of must-see places.


Just an hour’s drive away, on the slopes of the Leitha Mountains lies Burgenland’s state capital, Eisenstadt—a must-see spot of excursions around Lake Fertő/Neusiedl. The town’s last three hundred years have been characterized by continuous development, in which the Esterházy family’s luxurious and pompous lifestyle played a crucial role. The inner town’s greatest attraction is the castle that served as the residence of the family for hundreds of years. Joseph Haydn is also closely linked to Eisenstadt, several events and locations bear therefore his name. Walking through the charming streets, the past virtually comes alive, thus it is no wonder that thousands visit it daily to experience this back in time journey.

Kismarton Eisenstadt


The 700-year old state capital of Burgenland




A charming small town on the banks of Lake Fertő/Neusiedl.

Less than an hour’drive from Park Hotel is the small town of Rust. Strolling through its streets, one may have the feeling that time stood still here.

The facades of the houses, the design of the small streets, the size of the town and its whole atmosphere evoke the 17th century feeling. The charming World Heritage Site on the western banks of Lake Fertő/Neusiedl is as popular nowadays as it was 300 years ago. As to the population, it was the smallest town in historic Hungary and remained the same, but now in Austria.

The town—also referenced to as the center of wines and grapes in Austria—has an inner town surrounded by a medieval wall and is home to Baroque and Renaissance architecture. Almost all of its buildings hide stunning secrets. It is undoubtedly the most beautiful small town in the Fertő/Neusiedlersee landscape, and its charming atmosphere is further enhanced with the loud chatter of the storks.


Rechnitz is only a half-hour drive away on the southern slopes of the Kőszeg Mountains, surrounded in the north by a vast forest of more than 2,000 hectares offering rich hiking opportunities. However, the most important attraction of this small town is undoubtedly the artificial pond created in the picturesque Faludi valley in the early 1960s. The lake may reach 7 meters at its deepest point and is fed by brooks from the southern slope of the Geschriebenstein, making its waters exceptionally clear. Although its temperature is a few degrees cooler than the “average,” the beach with its tranquil, “peacetime” atmosphere is a popular destination in the summer. Being in the crystal clear, transparent waters of the Rechnitz bathing lake is like being in an aquarium: it is clearly visible how the perky small and large fish under the surface admire the beachgoers’ fancy swimsuits…



The municipality has been inhabited since ancient times and was an integral part of the county Vas.

Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg



Magical spa experience on the other side of the border

This magical spa world is especially popular among families with small children and it is only a 15-minute drive away from Bük. The Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg offers a whole range of stunning attractions and great activities for all ages, from the youngest to the oldest. The huge complex—that may seem to be a little chaotic at first glance—was designed with a special focus on the needs of the different generations. For those wishing to relax, there are several indoor and outdoor pools, relaxation zones and a huge sauna world; but also the world’s longest virtual reality waterslide is to be found here. It is one of Europe’s most complex family centers. The realm of “Sunny Bunny” is near to Bük and awaits water-loving guests with several adventures.

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